Premium Mooblin Battle (08/05/2018)

A special anniversary event, the Premium Mooblin Battle, will commence on Wednesday, May 16, in celebration of the 16th year of FINAL FANTASY XI service.

The dedicated can get their hands on a statue of Cornelia furnishing and a variety of other prizes as rewards for their stalwart efforts.

Event Period

Wednesday, 16 May, at 8:00 a.m. (GMT) / 9:00 a.m. (BST) to Thursday, 31 May, at 2:59 p.m. / 3:59 p.m.

How to Participate

Speak to the moogle in one of the following locations and hear them out.

Southern San d’Oria (I-8) / Bastok Markets (F-8) / Windurst Waters (F-9)

That’s all you need to do to get your very own Cornelia Statue!

You are then able to participate in the Premium Mooblin Battle by speaking with the moogle in one of the following locations.

West Ronfaure (I-6) / South Gustaberg (J-7) / West Sarutabaruta (J-8)

Emerge victorious from the Premium Mooblin Battle to earn a vast array of wondrous goods!